Need Advice on How to Pleasure My Girlfriend

Need Advice on How to Pleasure My Girlfriend – Only 24% of In the World Use These Secret Orgasm Tips

Making love to your girlfriend and watching her writhe in ecstasy can happen when you start applying these secret orgasm tips. There is no need talking about romantic gestures, I want to give you the hands on knowledge you can use tonight to give her the intense orgasmic sexual experience she craves.

  • Don’t treat her clitoris like a lug nut. It’s has over 6,000 nerve endings so you need to be very gentle when trying to stimulate it. Most men think there are just a few ways to arouse it. While a great lover comes up with ideas like using a feather to playfully stimulate it or  using a ice cube to gently rub on it while you perform oral sex.  I am sure you can think of a few other tricks you can try out tonight. And one which I have found very useful is humming a tune while down there licking away, it gives her the same sensations as a vibrator.
  • Oral sex must be performed delicately. Pretend your tongue is the feather and lightly trace circles around her clitoral shaft. Try to avoid directly stimulating it, but it’s perfectly fine if you tease it with a flick every once in awhile.
  • The g spot exists and to truly send your girlfriend into a orgasmic tremor you need to massage it correctly. Use one or two fingers to rub it with a come hither motion. If you are having trouble locating it, it’s usually found one or two inches inside the tip wall of the vaginal entrance. Ask her if you are getting close, if all else fails. I discovered this little trick in Better Orgasms and it works! While performing cunnilingus on her, use your fingers to massage her g spot. If she slowly starts spreading her legs further, then you know you are doing something right.

Learning the correct techniques to use in bed with your girlfriend will give her the pleasure she has been craving. Most men allow their ego to get in the way of their love making. It’s a shame when a woman goes unsatisfied sexually. Two things usually occur, one her sex drives starts to lessen or  secondly she starts looking for someone else to pleasure her.

You certainly could feel a little insecure in a relationship if you lack the skills to bring your girlfriend sexual pleasure. The more mind numbing orgasms you give her the less likely she’ll look for it elsewhere.

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